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Financial services

Financial advisory services.

Do you want to sell or end your business or need assistance with valuation? 

Merger finance and administrative Due Diligence, as well as Closing Account Review - services efficiently and professionally.

Do you want to tender for your auditing and accounting services? We will do it for you or give you the right tools to do it yourself.

Special expertise in accounting accruals and reorganization items, partial revenue recognition, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Technical services

We are passionate about technics and renovation.
You find our latest renovation projects in the photo gallery. 

Other services

Do you want to encourage and employ young people in Lohja region? We have a couple of brisk young men for various tasks (not only tidy interior work) such as a yard, engine and renovation work.

Corporate and social responsibility is more important than ever before. Do you want tools and help with Corporate Governance and the Code of Conduct?

Are you looking for an experienced professional in finance and company law for your company? Contact Tarja.